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Totem modules are simple electronic modules to be used in workshops, in class, at home or for any prototyping purposes. They are useful when you need cheap, easy to use electronics module that *don't* turn circuits into magic black-boxes. All documentation about Totem modules is under CC-BY-SA, so you are free to share and use it.

The first version was designed for a 250 persons workshop at Pompidou Center in Paris, “Je suis une vraie pile électrique !” (yes, that's two hundred and fifty beta-testers. Cool, isn't it? ;-)) is a wiki and you can register to edit, add and improve it!

About: Why Totem modules? What are they?

What can I do with Totem modules?

Example activities

Build modules

Buy modules and activity kits

Totem modules can be used in many ways. We already have tested two different activities based on them during “je suis une vraie pile électrique !”. We also learned than they can be connected in different ways: by using crocodile cables; by putting them on a aluminum track; or by simply making them touch each others. It would be cool to test making connection using conductive ink or metal rails!

There's obviously more to explore! There's new activities to invent and new modules to build - what about sensors? Or buzzers? A fool-proof led module that works both ways would be nice for the kids, and quite simple to design and share.

Please join the site and share your ideas.

You can ask Julien any question about Open Totem and Totem modules on twitter: @juliendorra

Or add your question to the FAQ and we will answer it!

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