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Here is a list of Totem modules you can build using simple and readily available materials

Motor module – Various motors

Battery module – 9v battery

Double LED module – Two LEDs in series

Open circuit module – To be used as a switch with aluminum covered fingers, metal object, etc.

Materials for the base

  • Foam board 3mm up to 5mm. Thicker foam board, for example 10mm, won't work well with small crocodile cables.
  • Aluminum adhesive tape


  • Glue gun to glue the components
  • Scissors !


Manually: You can cut Totem bases using a rotative cutting blade. Foamwerk sell one that work well. It's relatively cheap, easy and can be done anywhere.

Laser cutter: You can also use a laser cutter. It'll allow you to cut more complex designs like the (beveled disc base or the connect square base. Of course check that you have proper ventilation and filtration for the fumes. The foam retract with heat: set your laser to a very low power and use several passes to cut the foam.

Mechanical cutter: Not Tested. Please help by testing with the beveled disc base and reporting here! :-)

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