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Low-cost, hackable, and accessible tangible interaction prototyping kit

Open Totem modules are an answer to the lack in the tangible interaction prototyping toolkit of modules that are both:

  • easy to use for complete beginners, giving them a way to build a prototype in minutes
  • cheap/easy to build and fix themselves, using accessible parts anyone can buy.

Low-cost and build out of accessible parts

Build a prototype in minutes

Improve, transform, add new modules

Since the first 3 basic modules – Battery, LED and motor – new modules have been tested during following workshop using Open Totem modules. For example a Buzzer module, a Tilt Switch module.

Students also added their own idea, like a 'blowing-detector' module quickly prototyped in the process of creating «Soufflerie» a team game based on blowing and taking a breath a the right moment.

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